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Fiery Print Driver
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The Fiery driver provides a customizable interface for users to submit jobs to a Fiery server. Users enjoy consistent Job Properties use and functionality across Windows and Mac operating systems

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Download Fiery Driver Configurator

Fiery Driver Configurator imageThe Fiery Driver Configurator enables customization of the Fiery print driver to improve user experience and reduce print cost. It is a useful enterprise tool to create customized and simplified drivers, tailored to your specific needs. These can include:

  • Show/hide options and tabs
  • Lock/unlock features
  • Defining default options for settings

Once the customized driver is defined, IT/admins can create and deploy Mac and Windows versions. The Fiery Driver Configurator is compatible with products using Fiery Driver version 4.8 and above.

Please note that the Fiery Driver Configurator does not support HiDPI monitors.

Download the Fiery Driver Configurator today.