Fiery for In-Plant/CRD

Fiery JobMaster
Provide more services for less
Innovative Fiery® digital front ends and workflow solutions provide the accuracy, security, efficiency, and quality you need to keep you competitive and expand your services.

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Digital printing can cost-effectively meet the demands of large health systems, plus provide efficient and convenient processes from order entry to delivery.

Innovative Fiery digital front ends and workflow solutions manage your bottom line by letting you:

  • Deliver workflow automation for higher efficiency, faster turnaround times, and lower cost
  • Personalize materials for more effective communication, more efficient ordering, and a lower inventory cost
  • Print high-quality materials
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Case study: Ohio Health.
OhioHealth uses Fiery Command WorkStation to integrate its monochrome devices to Digital StoreFront, automating the file intake and production, creating a significantly streamlined process where jobs require fewer touches.