Fiery NX digital front ends

Fiery NX Premium, NX Pro, NX One servers
The new Fiery® NX servers drive cutsheet print engines, and offer a new industrial design — precisely crafted with the Fiery operator in mind.

See which Fiery servers are available for your engine and learn how to choose the best one for your business.

The new, breakthrough Fiery NX servers have a cutting-edge and innovative industrial design customized for Fiery users and for the needs of a highly efficient print environment.

They were developed with the sole focus of helping customers fuel their success with high efficiency and quality. They provide streamlined automation and superior total cost of ownership.

See a virtual tour of Fiery QuickTouch™ software on the NX server’s touchscreen display, which gives faster views of job status information and access to server management.

Three USB ports are conveniently located on the side of the display. The display rotates 90 degrees (NX Premium and NX Pro only) to provide operational flexibility and visibility.

 Fiery NX Premium   
Fiery NX Premium

High-volume, powerful servers for commercial printers, in-plant shops, and digital printers

    Fiery NX Pro    Fiery NX Pro

Mid -volume servers for digital printers, print for pay, and in-plant shops

    NX One Server    Fiery NX One

Mid-volume servers for black and white or lower-speed color digital printers targeted to print for pay, and in-plant shops

See which Fiery servers are available for your engine.