Fiery NX Station

Fiery NX LS Premium product image
High productivity

The new Fiery NX Stations provide a centralized workstation for high operator productivity.

Watch video of NX Station:

 EFI Fiery NX Station Video
  • Overview

Built to house either the Fiery NX Pro or NX Premium servers, the Fiery NX Stations provide a compact, centralized workstation that adapts to different print production environments.

The innovative industrial design provides a cutting-edge work environment for Fiery users who need a highly efficient workspace

  • A compact design reduces the footprint by over 20%, while the 31.5 x 18 inch table offers a large work area to perform activities such as calibration and profiling.
  • A top tray stores commonly used items within easy reach, such as the ES-2000 spectrophotometer.
  • A rear compartment keeps the ES-2000 measurement ruler and backing board or key documents nearby.
  • The wireless mouse and keyboard save space and make the work area more flexible.
  • Five USB ports are easy to access, with three on the side of the display, and two conveniently located by the work surface.
  • Fiery Ticker shows at-a-glance printing status and alerts to operators.
  • The NX Premium or Pro server glides out on a sliding shelf for easy installation and service access.

Choose from two models to best fit your needs. Both the NX Premium and NX Pro servers fit in both models.

  • Fiery NX Station GL
    • 22” display
    • See datasheet for additional specifications and dimensions
  • Fiery NX Station LS
    • 27” display allows more room to perform multi-tasking activities and adjusts vertically and horizontally for a better viewing angle
    • 6-inch adjustable-height workspace provides 95% of the population with an ergonomic workstation
    • A proximity sensor changes the display from Fiery Ticker to the active application when it identifies someone approaching. This allows operators to resume work right away.
    • Cable routing requires only one wall outlet to power both the NX Station and the NX Premium or Pro server with a latched cabinet to access internal cables
    • See datasheet for additional specifications and dimensions