Fiery Central

Centralize output management of your printer fleet

Fiery® Central integrates multiple Fiery Driven™ digital printers, and other select printers, into an unified print production system that uses common prepress tools and communicates with business management systems.

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Fiery® Central base software can run on your own PC system tightly integrated with Fiery Command WorkStation® user interface. Fiery Central enables the access to the integrated Fiery Workflow Suite products such as Fiery Impose, JobMaster and JobFlow, all being launched from the same, intuitive Fiery Command WorkStation 5 interface.

Fiery Central Software
  • Windows 10 Professional 64-bit, 2.0GHz dual core processor or above, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, DVD drive, 1 USB port for Fiery Central dongle.
  • Includes printer licenses for 3 Fiery Driven Printers.
  • Includes Fiery Command WorkStation 5.4 or later.
  • Includes Fiery Central Balance features.
  • Supports a maximum of 12 printer licenses.

Fiery Workflow Suite Products (Optional)
  • Fiery Impose: visual, intuitive and interactive document imposition.
  • Fiery JobMaster: advanced tab features, scanning workflow, page numbering and more.
  • Fiery JobMaster-Impose: integrates all makeready tasks in a common application.
  • Fiery JobFlow: browser-based PDF workflow automation for a single Fiery or multi Fiery server environment.