Fiery Central

Centralize output management of your printer fleet

Fiery® Central integrates multiple Fiery Driven™ digital printers, and other select printers, into an unified print production system that uses common prepress tools and communicates with business management systems.

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Starting from Fiery® Central v2.7, users can take advantage of free Fiery JobFlow Base, running right from your Fiery Central server and having access from anywhere in your network to automate various prepress tasks.

JobFlow Monitor for Fiery Central

In order to install the latest JobFlow on your Fiery Central server,

  1. Update your Fiery Central to the latest version.
  2. Launch Fiery Software Manager.
  3. Select the latest Command WorkStation® if there's an update.
  4. Select Fiery JobFlow and download.
If you are a Fiery JobFlow user already, launch your JobFlow to check if there's an update.

In addition to the free Fiery JobFlow Base, users can upgrade to the paid Fiery JobFlow version to expand workflow automation and prepress capabilities. Check out Fiery JobFlow page and the comparison table for more details.

    • Supports Windows 10 64 bit operating system.
    • Bug fixes.

    • Architecture redesign for dramatic performance improvements, such as
        • Process multiple jobs at the same time, for example by processing jobs to printer group A and printer group B at the same time.
        • Imposition performance enhancements
    • Enhance the capabilities of the printer to produce complex jobs, for example jobs with subset finishing or multi- bank tabs, when the printer is unable to natively support the workflow. Fiery Central will detect the scenario and automatically optimize the job for the printer to produce complex jobs such as these. Note: The Fiery Central advanced processing is available only for Konica Minolta bizhub PRO and PRESS printers.
    • Single Banner Page per job not per copy.
    • Enhanced Fiery Central scaling and centering print options.

    • New printer support: the following Fiery servers and printers have been been added to the Fiery Central supported printers page.
        • Canon Océ VarioPRINT DP 135/120/110
        • Color Controller E-83A and E-43A for Ricoh Pro C7100 series
        • Color Controller E-83 and E-43 for Ricoh Pro C9100 series
        • Color Controller E42B for Ricoh Pro C5100S and E-22B for Ricoh Pro C5100S/C5110S and MP C6502/C8002 
    • Subset Finishing support for the Kodak® DIGIMASTER
    • Offset Sets and Finish Sets features are available for the supported Konica Minolta bizhub PRO and PRESS printers.