Fiery Color and Imaging

Fiery Color Management Workflow Diagram
Consistent, accurate color and exceptional image quality

Fiery® servers provide state-of-the-art imaging technology, combined with expert color management tools, to deliver high-quality images with the accurate, consistent color customers want.

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View the Fiery Command WorkStation 6 Color Settings Best Practices PDF and Video

EFI™ Fiery® Edge™ profiling technology delivers out-of-the-box color and quality enhancements for Fiery Driven™ printers. Out-of-the-box Fiery Edge profiles deliver high-accuracy, plus:

  • Smoother color transitions and blends
  • Enhanced shadow detail in neutral and chromatic areas
  • Better blacks for more dynamic range
  • More image definition, depth, and clarity
  • Superior rendering of RGB images containing blues and reds
  • Support for up to 8 color channels
Available with Fiery servers running FS400 software and above, as well as Fiery XF version 7.2 servers and above.

With Fiery Color Profiler Suite 5.3 and above, custom Fiery Edge profiles can be created for Fiery Edge-compatible digital front ends. Creating custom Fiery Edge profiles provides control over:

  • Color saturation
  • Gamut maximization
  • Shadow levels for maximum details
  • Black introduction for smooth color-to-black transitions
  • Black point characteristics for maximum dynamic range and image depth
How to check which Fiery system software your cutsheet Fiery server is running.