Fiery Color and Imaging

Fiery Color Management Workflow Diagram
Consistent, accurate color and exceptional image quality

Fiery® servers provide state-of-the-art imaging technology, combined with expert color management tools, to deliver high-quality images with the accurate, consistent color customers want.

View the Fiery Color and Imaging workflow 

View the Fiery Command WorkStation 6 Color Settings Best Practices PDF and Video

Image Enhance example Image Enhance Visual Editor is an easy, interactive Fiery Command WorkStation® plug-in that offers on-the-fly correction for individual images – without the need to go back to the original design files. It provides real-time image editing with visual feedback and eliminates the need for additional image-editing software, to streamline image correction in the workflow. It lets you:
  • Fix images late in the production process after the job has already been submitted to the Fiery server
  • Correct tone and color, and sharpen or smooth individual images on the page
  • Achieve automatic red eye correction with an on-screen preview

How to buy: Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor comes standard with external Fiery servers*. You can also get it as part of the Fiery Productivity Package for certain embedded servers.

*Some Fiery System 9R2 servers may have Image Enhance Visual Editor as part of the Fiery Graphic Arts Package.