Fiery Color and Imaging

Fiery Color Management Workflow Diagram
Consistent, accurate color and exceptional image quality

Fiery® servers provide state-of-the-art imaging technology, combined with expert color management tools, to deliver high-quality images with the accurate, consistent color customers want.

View the Fiery Color and Imaging workflow 

View the Fiery Command WorkStation 6 Color Settings Best Practices PDF and Video

Fiery servers with APPE perfectly print the Altona Technical Suite version 2, the Ghent Workgroup PDF/X-4 test files, and the additional tests developed by VIGC.

Ghent Output Suite v5 sample image

The Ghent Workgroup produces specifications that have long been the de facto standard for exchange of PDF documents in graphic arts. The specifications define rules for determining if PDF documents are compliant.

The newly released Ghent PDF Output Suite version 5.0 adds a significant number of patches to support the newest version of GWG specifications and to test specific color management challenges with digital files. The suite is fully supported and processed correctly by the latest versions of EFI Fiery proServer and Fiery XF for wide format, plus Fiery FS100 Pro, FS150 Pro and FS200 Pro servers for cutsheet.

The goal of the Ghent PDF Output Suite is to help determine whether workflows are behaving correctly. The test patches allow users to find issues within a print workflow in a fast and visual way with an “X" symbol appearing automatically when the output is incorrect or a visual deviation from the reference image.


Find more details about the Ghent Output Suite. Download EFI instructions for perfect output using one of the Fiery solutions.

Altona Test Suite 2 sample image

The Altona Test Suite is an industry benchmark tool consisting of a set of PDF files, specifically designed for testing digital output devices – in particular, proofing solutions, conventional and digital print systems. The Altona Test Suite's purpose is to check PDF/X-4 compliance and color accuracy for all software and hardware modules used in a composite PDF workflow for print production. The main purpose of Technical Page 2 is to test complex transparencies, OpenType fonts, smooth shades, gray balance, as well as refinements of patches that already existed in version 1 of the Altona Test Suite.

Since Fiery servers based on FS100 Pro and above properly print the Altona Test Suite, it guarantees that Fiery technology is fully PDF/X-4 compliant.


Download the Altona Test Suite to test your digital prepress and print workflows' capability to process PDF/X4.

Tulip VIGC Perfect Pass image

External Fiery print servers offer APPE, the native Adobe PDF Print engine. Only Fiery servers have been awarded the designation of printing the perfect PDF by the VIGC group in 2012. VIGC is an international organization that follows recent innovations in the technology of the graphics industry. They developed the PDF RIP Audit to determine which systems can render print jobs correctly and consistently.  Fiery FS100 Pro and above can render every print job exactly as expected, earning the honor of a "Perfect" label.


Download the Fiery server Perfect Pass VIGC sample to test your digital print server's capability to print PDF files exactly as the designer intended; perfectly rendering transparencies, overprints and mixed color spaces.