Fiery Color Profiler Suite Color management software and spectrophotometers

Fiery Color Profiler

Integrated color management and measurement software for printing systems

Fiery® Color Profiler Suite includes expert-level tools and works with spectrophotometers allowing you to:

  • Create, edit and maintain color profiles
  • Successfully match color to a color reference
  • Match output across multiple printers to achieve shop-wide consistency

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Color Profiler Suite also supports our EFI wide and superwide format inkjet printers.

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Test drive Fiery® Color Profiler Suite and find out how this powerful color management solution can help you. Download the free demo.  

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Upgrade to the latest version

If you are an existing Fiery Color Profiler Suite v4.x customer under a current Software Maintenance and Support Agreement (SMSA), you can get the latest upgrade at no charge. If you have version 3.x, contact your dealer or distributor or visit the EFI eStore to purchase an upgrade to the latest Color Profiler Suite version.

Fiery Color Profiler Suite OS support matrix

 OS\CPS version 5.1 5.0 4.9 4.8 4.7 4.6 4.5
Win 10 (64 bit)  Y Y Y Y Y NA NA
Win 10 (32 bit) N Y Y Y Y NA NA
Win 8.1 (64 bit) Y Y Y Y Y
Win 8.1 (32 bit)  N Y Y Y Y Y Y
Win 7 (64 bit) Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Win 7 (32 bit) N Y Y Y Y Y Y
Win XP N N N Y Y Y Y
Mac OS 10.14 Y Y NA NA NA NA NA
Mac OS 10.13  Y Y Y NA NA NA NA
Mac OS 10.12 Y Y Y NA NA NA NA
Mac OS 10.11 Y Y Y Y Y NA NA
Mac OS 10.10 N Y Y Y Y NA NA
Mac OSX 10.9 N Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mac OSX 10.8 N N Y Y Y Y Y
Mac OSX 10.7 N N Y Y Y Y Y
Mac OSX 10.6 N N N N N Y Y

Y= Support; N= Support dropped; NA= OS released after Fiery Color Profiler Suite version


Software-only customers can active Fiery Color Profiler Suite with a supported spectrophotometer and an existing license activation code here.


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