Fiery ColorRight Package

Get your color right. 

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With the Fiery ColorRight Package for Fiery FS400 and newer embedded servers, you can be confident that the color and images in your output will print correctly every time. You can easily correct color and images without going back to the designer.


See if Fiery ColorRight Package is the right solution for you.


The following features are included with Fiery ColorRight Package.

Fiery ImageViewer

View and edit raster files at full resolution.

  • Adjust color curves and save as a preset
  • Replace specific color tints throughout the document or on a selected page
  • Export soft proofs and share with your clients for final approval
  • View separations for CMYK and specialty colors
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Fiery Spot Pro

Powerful spot color management tools that deliver accurate brand colors. 

  • Work seamlessly with designers to ensure brand color consistency
  • Simplify spot color management
  • Customize spot colors
  • Easily conform to color standards
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Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor

On-the-fly color correction for individual images. 

  • Correct images right in Fiery Command WorkStation with no need to go back to the original design file
  • Correct tone and color, and sharpen or smooth individual images on the page
  • Achieve automatic red eye correction with an on-screen preview
 Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor

Fiery Postflight

Visual tool to identify page element errors. See a color-coded report that shows:

  • Color spaces
  • Spot colors
  • Calibration information
  • Also includes a printer test page to help identify engine defects
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Fiery Control Bar

Customized process control bars

  • Choose Idealliance/Fogra or custom color bars
  • Customize job information shown
  • Flexible page placement
  • Identify potential engine defects using the included test page
  • Use with Fiery Verify to measure color against industry standards (requires Fiery Color Profiler Suite)
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