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Fiery FreeForm Plus

Fiery FreeForm PlusCustomers with Fiery FS400 and newer servers, using Fiery FreeForm Create, generate Fiery FreeForm Plus files. These files can be submitted directly to the Fiery server from the FreeForm Create application, or saved as a standalone file package (.ffp).

There are several advantages to the FreeForm Plus format:
  • Single file package: Fiery FS400 and newer servers recognize FreeForm Plus files as a single file package (the master and variable information is combined together). This makes it easier to perform actions like applying job properties. In contrast, Fiery FS350 and earlier servers interpret FreeForm Plus files with the master and variable content separate. For these servers, server presets are critical to ensuring job properties are applied equally to the master and variable content.
  • Easier job submission: you can save time by automating FreeForm Plus job submission through Fiery Hot Folders (requires Fiery Command WorkStation 6.7 or newer and a Fiery FS400 or newer server), or you can drag-and-drop .ffp files into the Command WorkStation Held queue.
Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of Fiery FreeForm Plus.

Fiery FreeForm Create overview

Two different workflows are available in FreeForm Create.

Variable data workflow
Add personalization to any existing PDF file with just a few clicks.   
  • Drag and drop interface

  • Create source files using your design application of choice (Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Excel, etc)

  • Variable fields can be text, images, or barcodes

  • Change properties of variable fields, including font, size, orientation, color, arrangement, and more

  • See a visual preview of each variable data record and filter records by parameters such as the longest or shortest name

File merge workflow
A visual interface for merging existing master and variable PDF documents together. 

Printing from FreeForm Create
With both workflows, you can submit your personalized files directly to the Fiery server, use Fiery Presets, and perform other makeready tasks such as imposition. While access to a Fiery server is required to print FreeForm Create files, anyone can download the application. Files are generated in a proprietary format that can only be read by Fiery servers.

If you get print-ready files from customers, just ask them to download FreeForm Create so they can create their own personalized files and submit the final, packaged file to you for production.

FreeForm Create quick tips  Fiery FreeForm Create quick tips
These short videos provide an overview of common features and functions in FreeForm Create.  
Topic Description Link
Stacking variable text fields Learn about stacking variable text fields in FreeForm Create 1.1. Watch the how-to video (English only)
Importing .ase files Learn how to import custom spot colors using .ase files in FreeForm Create 1.1. Watch the how-to video (English only)
What is an accelerator? Learn what accelerators are and how to use them in your data source. Watch the how-to video (English only)
Creating server presets Learn how to create server presets and use them with Fiery FreeForm Create jobs Watch the how-to video (English only)