The Fiery FreeForm Kit is a set of resources designed to help you learn how to use the Fiery FreeForm Create application to it's fullest potential. See examples of variable data documents, created using FreeForm Create, that utilize variable text, images, and barcodes. These examples serve as templates and can be used as customer samples to show what is possible with variable data printing, or to provide inspiration for the types of personalized applications that you can create for your customers. 

What's in the Fiery FreeForm Kit?

  • Source files for all of the examples mentioned in the Applications tab, including packaged InDesign files and images

  • Master PDF and data source files for samples that utilize the FreeForm Create variable data workflow

  • Master and variable PDFs for use with the file merge workflow

  • Pre-programmed .ffp files that can be opened in FreeForm Create

  • Overview guide with tips and tricks for Fiery FreeForm Create