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FreeForm Create

Free, easy VDP.

Fiery® FreeForm™ Create is a free, stand-alone application that allows you to create personalized files.  Easily add variable elements such as text, images, and barcodes to existing files.

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Fiery FreeForm Create is a brand new, free, stand-alone variable data creation application for external and embedded Fiery servers.

Quickly and simply personalize existing files for free in an intuitive interface and add variable elements such as text, images, and barcodes with just a few clicks. It’s ideal for applications such as business cards, diplomas, calendars, postcards, booklets, direct mail, labels, parking passes, newsletters, and so much more

For Print Service Providers (PSPs) or in-plants
Fiery FreeForm Create provides a great opportunity to get started with personalization for free. With the ability to personalize files on the fly, you can provide more value-added services to your customers. And for PSPs or in-plants who are already familiar with VDP, FreeForm Create may provide a more efficient or cost-effective method for personalization compared to your existing processes.

For creatives/designers/marketers
Since access to a Fiery server is not required to run FreeForm Create, anyone can use it! It's a great resource for creative professionals, designers, or marketers who want to create their own print-ready, personalized files in a visual interface. The files are saved out of the application in a packaged format that can be provided to a PSP or in-plant for production.

For office workers
Fiery FreeForm Create is an easier and faster way to create personalized files compared to mail merge functionality in Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign. Rather than create a large document where static elements are repeated over and over (increasing file size and process time), FreeForm Create outputs an optimized file that’s smaller and more efficient, which, in some cases, processes up to 80% faster than a traditional mail merge.