New features in Fiery FreeForm Create 1.3

 numbering sequence 

Numbering sequence enhancements
Customize a numbering sequence in Quick Variables to meet your specific needs. Add a prefix or suffix to your sequence (such as 100-A, 101-A, 102-A, etc), or choose to have your sequence in descending order (100, 99, 98, etc).

 layout tools 

Layout assistance tools
Use the new grid and guidelines to place your variable objects in a precise location on the page.

 PDF page box 

PDF page boxes
See PDF bleed and/or trim boxes in FreeForm Create design view. This helps ensure variable content is placed within the page printable area.

 consistent font 

Improved unit consistency
Users can now take advantage of consistent font sizes between FreeForm Create and design applications (Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, etc).