New features in Fiery Command WorkStation 6.7


Fiery Hot Folders support for Fiery FreeForm Plus files
Automate the job submission of Fiery FreeForm™ Plus files from Fiery FreeForm Create with file support in Fiery Hot Folders. This includes Server Presets, imposition templates, and more.

Available for Fiery servers running FS400/FS400 Pro system software or higher. 

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New features in Fiery FreeForm Create 1.2

 Copy to all pages 

Copy to all pages - new with 1.2.1
Save time by copying variable elements to all pages in a document. 

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 Quick variables 

Quick variables - updated with 1.2.1
Add simple variable elements to files within FreeForm Create. Choose from file name, page number, date, time, record ID, or define a numbering sequence.

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 Define batch size 

Define record range 
Define a record range or batch size when submitting a job from FreeForm Create to the Fiery server for more efficient production. 

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 soft proof 

Soft proof
Quickly output a PDF of a single record as a soft proof for customer approval

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 Gang run 

Gang run support
Support gang runs by defining specific output quantities for different records within a FreeForm Create job. This feature is useful for applications such as business cards. 

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 PDF object 

PDF vector support
You can now use PDF vectors as variable objects. This is ideal for applications where transparency or spot colors need to be preserved in a variable visual element.  

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Edit pages 

Edit pages
Edit the pages of a master document in the variable data workflow to add a blank page or delete an existing page. 

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 manage Fiery servers 

Manage Fiery servers
Easily add or delete connected Fiery servers in FreeForm Create.    

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 keyboard shortcuts 

Keyboard shortcuts 
Work more efficiently in FreeForm Create by using common keyboard shortcuts for actions such as cut, copy, paste, save, and more.