Fiery Impose PDF imposition software

Fully visual imposition software that automates job submission

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Boost your production efficiency with the most intuitive PDF-based sheet imposition software on the market. Its tight integration with Fiery® Command WorkStation®, makeready software, and prepress tools streamlines print job submission.


See if Fiery Impose is the right solution for you.


Fiery® Impose enables easy booklet creation, provides several gang-ups, supports cutting and stacking, plus integrates with Fiery JobMaster and Compose. So you get makeready workflows that enable:

Easy to use
  • Fully visual and intuitive interface offers the shortest learning curve
  • See imposition changes as you make them 
  • Merge and move pages with drag-and-drop simplicity
  • Preview all jobs exactly as they will print
  • Set up gangup jobs in seconds and avoid tedious manual calculations

Automated job submission
  • Customize imposition templates to automate common layouts
  • Integrate with job-submission automation tools such as Hot Folders, Virtual Printers, Job Presets and Fiery JobFlow
  • Export imposed PDF to customers to simplify proofing and approval process

  • Edit imposed jobs easily
  • Handle last-minute edits with Adobe® Acrobat® Pro 2020 (available as a separate purchase)
  • Impose variable data jobs as easy as regular jobs

  • Define media requirements integrated with your print engine's media catalog
  • Use the same working space as Fiery JobMaster or Fiery Compose
  • Apply barcodes to integrate with Duplo finishers

  • Impose jobs right from Fiery Command WorkStation®
  • Seamless integration with Fiery JobMaster and Compose so makeready and imposition can be done in one place without switching to different applications 
  • Full cross-platform Apple® Mac® and Microsoft® Windows® support