JobFlow - One click away from ready-to-print files          
Be one click away from ready-to-print files
Create your own workflow in minutes, not hours. Make your initial workflow setup count.
Reuse it to save time and make more money. Process jobs in one click.

JobFlow - redeploy staff    Redeploy staff to bring in new business
Automate your most common job types to free up your staff time.
Assign them on higher-value jobs. Train them on setting up new service offerings.

JobFlow - workflows work for you    Make your workflow work for you
Increase productivity and avoid costly surprises with well-structured workflow process.
Modify existing workflows and create new ones to address changing customer requirements quickly.
Provide your staff with a consistent process to get files ready to print with the same quality and efficiency.

JobFlow - engage customers faster    Engage customers faster
Build approvals directly into your workflow for immediate customer engagement.
Eliminate bottlenecks and avoid long delays in job processing.
Shorten customer approval cycle and improve customer interaction and satisfaction.

JobFlow - be in control of workflows    Stay in control of your workflow at all times
Monitor production closely, even when you are offsite.
Find out about issues instantly, to address them quickly.
Choose to be notified only about the jobs you want, and on the specific stages of the workflow you care about.

 JobFlow - extend automation   Extend automation beyond Fiery JobFlow
Employ other solutions into your workflows to meet unique production needs.
Expand job processing functionality with third-party solutions to bring additional capabilities.