Fiery JobMaster Makeready software

Fiery JobMaster

Advanced PDF-based makeready functions for higher print productivity

Launch Fiery® JobMaster™ software from the Fiery Command WorkStation® to help operators be more productive when performing a wide variety of complex makeready tasks.

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It works with Fiery Command WorkStation 6.

Intuitive makeready includes media assignment, chapter definition, advanced page numbering, fully visual tab insertion and design,  finishing, scanning, and powerful late-stage editing features.

Easy to use
  • Visual and interactive interface 
  • Merge and move pages with drag-and-drop simplicity
  • Preview all jobs exactly as they will print
  • Define and design tabs with intuitive tools

  • Save jobs and open them at a later time
  • Navigate long documents quickly and locate pages instantly when selecting useful page properties
  • Integrate and clean up hard-copy pages 
  • Mask unwanted content and apply page numbering to selected pages
  • Export assembled PDF to customers to simplify proofing and approval process 
  • Make last-minute edits with Adobe® Acrobat®* and Enfocus PitStop Edit*, without leaving JobMaster 

  • Define media requirements with integrated Paper Catalog database
  • Use the same working space as Fiery® Impose
  • Define inline finishing settings 

  • Run JobMaster right from Fiery Command WorkStation® without the need to install JobMaster on a separate server
  • Add Fiery Impose to integrate all makeready tasks in a single application 
  • Full cross-platform Apple® Mac® and Microsoft® Windows® support

* Available as a separate purchase