Fiery JobMaster Makeready software

Fiery JobMaster

Advanced PDF-based makeready functions for higher print productivity

Launch Fiery® JobMaster™ software from the Fiery Command WorkStation® to help operators be more productive when performing a wide variety of complex makeready tasks.

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It works with Fiery Command WorkStation 6.

The new version of Fiery JobMaster in Fiery Command WorkStation 6 includes the following new features:

Adobe Acrobat DC subscription support 

Adobe Acrobat DC subscription support
 - New in
The “Edit in Acrobat” feature in Fiery JobMaster now integrates with your own Adobe Acrobat DC subscription, giving you the flexibility to access the latest Acrobat PDF editing capabilities directly from Fiery makeready applications.

CWS 5.7 new feature

Fiery JobMaster line spacing adjustment
 - New in 6.5
Make your tab ears, bleed-edge tabs, and numbering more readable. You can adjust the line spacing of up to 3 lines of text, while maintaining your desired font size.

CWS 5.7 new feature

Makeready multi-tasking with Fiery Command WorkStation
 - New in 6.5
Prepare jobs in Fiery Impose, Fiery Compose, or Fiery JobMaster while continuing to prepare and print jobs from Fiery Command WorkStation. This multi-tasking functionality allows you to continue to manage urgent jobs in Command WorkStation, plus at the same time, prepare another job in your chosen Fiery makeready software.
Auto tabs and text stamping by PDF bookmark level – New in 6.4

Speed up composition of long jobs including chapter and subchapters by treating all bookmark levels independently and easily program multi-bank tabs or insert bookmark text as a stamp on the page. Spend only seconds or a few minutes on what usually takes hours to achieve!

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