Fiery JobMaster Makeready software

Fiery JobMaster

Advanced PDF-based make ready functions for higher print productivity

Launch Fiery® JobMaster™ software from the Fiery Command WorkStation® to help operators be more productive when performing a wide variety of complex makeready tasks.

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Image stamping
Have an easy way to add company logos, watermarks, and graphic illustrations to documents in the makeready process. This allows you to customize a job quickly without requiring a designer to go back to the native application.

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Import scanned images 
In addition to scanning documents directly into JobMaster, you can now insert previously scanned documents into the job assembly process with enhanced cleanup tools.

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Page offset 
Easily move page content to accommodate various finishing requirements in the Page Edit interface. You can move the page placement up and down vertically, and left and right horizontally to make room for finishing such as hole punch, bleed-edge tabs, staples, or coil binding.

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Usability enhancements
A set of new features help you produce high-value print products more profitably, in less time, and with fewer clicks.
  • Easier preference settings allow you to control settings without leaving the makeready application
  • Ability to preserve window and pane size offers you a consistent experience when re-opening the application
  • Faster job saves and quicker sheet size selections as JobMaster remembers the most frequently used settings


Show media color 

You can preview the color of the media in the Sheet View pane, for a visual confirmation of the media selection and a reference for fast media identification in long documents.

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Page insertion enhancement 
This feature provides a new way to specify where to insert the selected page(s) in addition to drag and drop. So, inserting a page into an exact location in a hundred-page document becomes a breeze.

For more information visit the what's new guide.