Fiery Variable Data Printing (VDP) Solutions

VDP postcard

Get the power of personalized digital printing.

Fiery® technology delivers powerful, industry-leading variable data printing capabilities that easily fit into any workflow.

The flexibility and scalability of Fiery variable data printing solutions allows you to easily design and produce customized direct mail or other campaigns that expand your portfolio and revenue stream — whether you're a VDP novice or veteran.

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Enjoy blazing speed on VDP files
Fiery® servers perform exceptionally well on variable data printing (VDP) jobs, with performance from 2 to 50 times faster than other digital front ends (DFEs). The VDP Resource Manager, part of Fiery Command WorkStation®, lets you store, view and reuse RIPped objects to eliminate bottlenecks and allowing VDP jobs to print faster than ever before. 

Render complex variable elements correctly
Proprietary rendering technology prints opaque, overprinted and transparent objects correctly, giving designers confidence that complex graphical elements will print as intended. As the only server to support PPML 3.0, Fiery DFEs enable the use of transparency, even across variable and reusable content. Fiery features such as VDP Record Range Printing and intuitive visual previews make it easy to print VDP jobs correctly and efficiently. 

Support for all VDP languages
Fiery servers support the most industry standards and legacy formats in the market. So you can take advantage of the latest VDP technologies, no matter what workflow or VDP authoring software you use.  

Ultimate scalability
Fiery VDP solutions fit seamlessly into existing workflows with open, scalable tools. 

Fiery FreeForm is an exclusive, simple-to-use VDP file format that is included on virtually all Fiery servers and supports a wide variety of source applications without the need for a third-party VDP composition tool. 

To learn more about Fiery FreeForm and to practice with free samples, visit the FreeForm kit tab.  

Fiery servers also work seamlessly with all leading VDP authoring software applications, including EFI DirectSmile, XMPie, FusionPro, Quadient® Inspire, PrintShop Mail and many more.