Fiery Variable Data Printing (VDP) Solutions

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Get the power of personalized digital printing.

Fiery® technology delivers powerful, industry-leading variable data printing capabilities that easily fit into any workflow. 

The flexibility and scalability of Fiery variable data printing solutions allows you to easily design and produce customized direct mail or other campaigns that expand your portfolio and revenue stream — whether you're a VDP novice or veteran.

Download Fiery FreeForm Kit

Fiery® FreeForm is an exclusive, simple-to-use variable data printing (VDP) file format that is included on virtually all Fiery servers and supports a wide variety of source applications without the need for a third-party VDP composition tool. 

With Fiery FreeForm, you can enter the market for personalized marketing campaigns and easily support many customer requirements. An ideal entry-level tool that requires minimal skill, Fiery FreeForm is built right in to every Fiery server (both external and embedded), so there is no learning curve and no additional software to purchase.

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How it works
Fiery FreeForm allows you to combine static and dynamic content to create a personalized printed document. A background “master” file contains the text, graphics and images that are common to all pages of the document. A separate “variable” file contains the information that is different for each page. The Fiery server processes the FreeForm master file only once and ‘caches,’ or temporarily stores, the file for quick retrieval. The result is reduced processing time and an increase in efficiency.

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Get started with Fiery FreeForm today
The free Fiery FreeForm Sample Kit is an ideal way to learn how Fiery FreeForm works, and how to use the sample database for adapting your own examples.  These examples serve as templates and can be used and re-purposed as customer samples to show what is possible with variable data printing.

Sample personalizable applications and verticals include:
  • Diploma, information card, response card (Education)
  • Just listed card, pitch letter, featured home card (Real Estate)
  • Reminder card, newsletter (Health)
  • Birthday sale card, store coupon (Retail)
  • Corporate event, welcome letter, name tags, golf scorecard (Events)

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