Fiery Variable Data Printing (VDP) Solutions

VDP postcard

Get the power of personalized digital printing.

Fiery® technology delivers powerful, industry-leading variable data printing capabilities that easily fit into any workflow.

The flexibility and scalability of Fiery variable data printing solutions allows you to easily design and produce customized direct mail or other campaigns that expand your portfolio and revenue stream — whether you're a VDP novice or veteran.

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Fast, flexible variable data printing (VDP) capabilities help you get the most profit potential out of your digital print engine. Whether you need to produce a simple direct mail postcard project or a complex cross-media campaign, Fiery® technology ensures that your VDP jobs will process quickly and accurately, satisfy your customers’ demands and meet tight deadlines. 

  • RIP VDP jobs 2 to 50 times faster than with other digital front ends (DFEs)
  • Render overprinted and transparent elements correctly
  • Store, view and reuse RIPped objects to eliminate production bottlenecks
  • Choose the VDP authoring program and language that works best for your workflow needs 
  • View and edit imposed VDP jobs in a WYSIWYG format to reduce production waste from job errors
  • Integrate with Web-to-Print software for fast, simple and automated VDP job submission
  • Easily create a VDP campaign with free Fiery tools