EFI Cubik Fiber Cement

56.7 in

Max. print width

164 ft/min

Max. productivity

up to 360 dpi


up to 8


The power of digital decoration comes to fiber cement

EFI™ Cubik single-pass digital inkjet printers make it easy to add digital printing to your decoration process. They not only complement your current mass-coloring process but also give you the flexibility and agility to develop new products quickly.


Single-pass printing

Jet ink directly onto board substrates as they pass through the printer at high rates of speed and under a fixed array of printheads spanning the width of the printer.

Industrial printing

Designed to operate in industrial environments 24/7, EFI Cubik printers are available in 710 mm and 1440 mm print widths and print on substrates up to 120 mm thick.

EFI Mineral Inks

Can be printed directly to fiber cement substrates, and they decorate naturally as the inks integrate into the fiber cement. Varnishes and protection layers can be applied post-print.

Fiery proServer

Comes with a high-performance Fiery® proServer digital front end with dedicated color management software for color consistency and full control of the printed results.
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