EFI Cubik for tableware decoration

Digital inkjet printing turns tableware into a profitable opportunity

Digital inkjet printing is a new option for tableware decoration that allows you to print direct to ceramic plates and dishes. Inkjet is a contactless technology that does not require plates or silicone pads and prints edge to edge on reliefs.

EFI Cubik for tableware
EFI Cubik is an industrial digital inkjet ecosystem for tableware decoration that makes the adoption of inkjet printing technology easy with all the elements needed for the brilliant decoration of tableware.

An ink set that results in defined decorations and a wide colour range. Colours available: blue, cyan, red brown, yellow, ochre, black and white.

Colour management software:
The Fiery® proServer is EFI’s dedicated colour management that considers manufacturing conditions to guarantee colour consistency from batch to batch and have full control of the printed results.

Single-pass inkjet printers
Industrial inkjet printers ready to operate in industrial environments 24/7 at print speed up to 50 linear m/min. They are available in 710 mm printing width and can be equipped with up to 8 printing bars.