EFI Cretaprint 5th Generation Of Ceramic Printers

Simply reliable, user-friendly, integrated and in constant evolution

Offering easy-to-use, trouble-free operations at full throughput, 5th generation of Cretaprint ceramic printers represent a qualitative leap in performance that puts the user at the center of the technology. It is a new line of user-friendly printers with across-the-board improvements to maximum performance. Platform 5 ceramic tile printers also blaze a path for the future, openness and a relationship with the immediate environment, incorporating advanced Industry 4.0 solutions.

Efi Cretaprint 5.0

5th generation Cretaprint printers is our new line of ceramic tile printers with widths ranging from 710 to
1440 mm and equipped with 6 to 12 printing bars and effects (*).

Our heavy-duty industrial design pushes the envelope to offer:

Reliability and usability, thanks to:

  • e·D5, the plug&play printhead developed by EFI for maximum performance
  • Optimized printing bars for trouble-free performance at full throughput.
  • A user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Featuring advanced Industry 4.0 solutions such as:

  • The Scada application for information sharing with factory-installed systems
  • EFI Go, enabling printer monitoring from a mobile app
  • ID printing for printing master slabs and traceability.

Finally, for maximum versatility, printing bars may be changed or widened at any time to:

  • Change widths.
  • Add colors.
  • Increase drop volume for special effects.
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