EFI Cretaprint SOL

The advantages of the modern inkjet technology are now at reach of technical porcelain

EFI Cretaprint SOL solutions break the limits of analog printing methods for technical porcelain decorations in quality and versatility thus offering substantial advantages for innovative tile producers.  View Image Gallery

Digitally printing for technical porcelain tiles offers substantial advantages over traditional methods, now at reach for innovative tile producers:
  • Unique and non-repeating singular designs. High variety of graphics.
  • Increased production flexibility to adapt to customer demands and respond faster to market trends.
  • Superior graphics and designs. High intensity, high detailed designs.
  • Digital processed colors for more and richer colors. Smooth gradients and transitions. Subtle design detail reproduction.
  • Productivity and reliability. Non-contact printing technology eliminates tile breakage due to printing contact and analog-related printing defects.
  • Product formats. Can print on non-flat surfaces.
  • Water free process. Eliminating usual defects caused by water such as micro cracking and superficial porosity.
  • Using a high quality porcelain top charge, increases design quality, optimizes the consumption of inks and reduces grinding costs.