EFI Cretaprint SOL

The advantages of the modern inkjet technology are now at reach of technical porcelain

EFI Cretaprint SOL solutions break the limits of analog printing methods for technical porcelain decorations in quality and versatility thus offering substantial advantages for innovative tile producers.  View Image Gallery

  • Solutions from 700mm to 1800mm Printing width
    • C4 SOL, M4 SOL, P3 SOL, X4 SOL
  • 8 printing bars for inks and diffusion additive
  • High ink laydown printheads.
    • Up to 30g/m2 at 25m/min
    • Toshiba TEC CF1 XL
    • XAAR 1002/1003/GS40
  • Uses oil based inkjet soluble salt inks
  • Up to 6 greyscale levels, optimized waveforms.
  • DTP 2.0
  • EFI Electronics
  • Ink system with automatic reverse flow
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Advanced contactless nozzle cleaning system
  • Vacuum system in between the bars
  • Laser detector of tile thickness
  • Double Tile Printing
  • Tone Adjustment System (TAS) and UPS