EFI Cretaprint SOL

The advantages of the modern inkjet technology are now at reach of technical porcelain

EFI Cretaprint SOL solutions break the limits of analog printing methods for technical porcelain decorations in quality and versatility thus offering substantial advantages for innovative tile producers.  View Image Gallery

The EFI Cretaprint SOL printer is a two step process:
  1. Porcelain Dyes inkjet inks are jetted directly onto the dry pressed porcelain body creating a colored image on the surface of the tile.
  2. A special diffusion colorless ink is jetted on top and forces the Porcelain Dyes to diffuse into the top layer of the green porcelain body.
    • Polishing for glossy finish is possible after firing.
    • Also ensures long lasting image permanence even under high transit conditions.
To improve performance even further, double-charge with a high quality porcelain top layer is recommended, providing additional wear resistance, image sharpness, color intensity and glossy finish.