Industrial ecosystem for building materials

We offer robust printers ready to work 24/7 in any industrial condition that will provide efficiencies in the manufacturing process such as the ability to predict color results, tone uniformity and accuracy from one production batch to another, etc.

We offer top quality decoration, maximum performance and ink savings through our unique EFI Ecosystem approach that gets the printer, inks, Fiery proServer color management system all working together, as a unique concept solution along with global customer service to provide new value to different building materials.

Mineral Inks
With Cubik Mineral, a world of decorative possibilities opens up, ranging from the tonal unification of the manufacturing lots to the total transformation of any wooden board. Cubik Mineral Inks give you the ability to digitally stain and decorate wood with more natural-looking results than ever while are lightfastness.

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Number of bars: Up to 12
Max. Printing width:  55.19 inch (1400 mm)
Resolution: Up to 360 dpi
Print Speed: up to 196.85 ft/min (60 linear /min)
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EFI’s Cubik single-pass UV LED printing option gives you the ability to print stunning, high-resolution graphics, photographic images, and vivid colors on wood surfaces for highly decorative indoor applications. 

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Number of bars: Up to 6
Max. Printing width:  56.7 in (1440 mm)
Resolution: Up to 360 dpi
Print Speed: up to 246.06 ft/min (75 linear m/min)
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Robust printers able to decorate building materials such as concrete and fiber-cement not affecting physical properties of the materials such as fire resistance, mechanical strength, anti-slip, etc.

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Number of bars: Up to 8 max
Max. Printing width:  56.69 inch (1440 mm)
Resolution: Up to 360 dpi
Print Speed: up to 164.04 ft/min (50 linear /min)
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EFI Cubik Polymeric brings you the only complete digital printer, ink, and colour-management solution for polymer rigid-surface decoration. 

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Max. Printing width:  70.87 inch (1800 mm)
Resolution: Up to 2400 dpi
Max. printing productivity: up to 4305.56 ft2 (400 m2/h)
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