EFI Cubik Mineral Inks for concrete and fiber-cement

Digital printing for innovative decoration of building materials

Cubik Mineral is EFI’s proposal to print on building materials such as concrete, fiber-cement, roof tiles, pavement and façades. It is a complete solution for industrial environments that offers new decorative possibilities respecting the nature of the material, that is, not affecting its physical properties such as mechanical strength, anti-slip, thermal shock, etc. to fit different applications such as flooring, wall panels and façades.

EFI Cubik S1400
We offer top quality decoration, maximum performance and ink savings through our unique EFI Ecosystem approach that gets the printer, inks, Fiery proServer color management system all working together, as a unique concept solution along with global customer service to provide new value to different building materials

Single-pass inkjet printer
  • Boards size:
    • up to 27.56 inch (700 mm) and up to 55.19 inch (1400 mm) width
    • up to 1.18 inch (142 mm) high.
Printing bars:
  • EFI Cubik 700 up to 8
  • EFI Cubik 1400 up to 12
  • Speed up to 196.85 ft/min (60 linear m/min)
Fiery proServer Color management software
  • Color profiling and paper proof
  • Designs database
Mineral inks
  • Specially developed for concrete, fiber-cement, roof tiles, pavements and façades
  • Outdor decoration
  • Wide range of colors

Customer Care
A complete service program that includes technical assistance, preventive service, color management consultancy and financial services