EFI Cubik Mineral Inks for concrete and fiber-cement

Digital printing for innovative decoration of building materials

Cubik Fiber Cement is EFI’s proposal to print on building materials such as concrete, fiber-cement, roof tiles, pavement and façades. It is a complete solution for industrial environments that offers new decorative possibilities respecting the nature of the material, that is, not affecting its physical properties such as mechanical strength, anti-slip, thermal shock etc.

EFI Cubik S1400
We offer robust printers ready to work 24/7 in any industrial condition that will provide efficiencies in the manufacturing process such as the ability to predict color results and accuracy from one production batch to another, etc.
A world of decorative options opens up, ranging from the tonal unification of the manufacturing lots, through imitation to natural materials such as wood, stone etc. and arriving to the total customization of any building material.