EFI H652

Speed, image quality and affordability in one package

The EFI™ H652 UV hybrid printer delivers near photographic image quality. It’s the perfect choice for an entry-level to mid-range quick print, graphic arts, production or print shop where image quality and speed are critical in meeting your customers’ demand for wide-format graphics printing.

EFI H652
Optimize your EFI printer’s performance and capabilities.
Image quality and speed in one affordable package
EFI wide format applications, substrates, inks, and markets.
ESP from EFI is a full service, comprehensive program designed to fuel the success of your business by providing response based service.
Case Studies
Palm Printing has a method for staying ahead of its competition - the printer continuously implements state-of-the-art equipment and technology. As a result, Palm Printing has grown at a steady pace.
Evron Graphics embraces digital wide format with EFI’s H652 hybrid UV printer.
“With the ability to quickly switch between roll-fed and flatbed, the high-quality white ink, and an almost limitless range of substrates we can use with UV-curable inks, we have been astounded by the new doors the H652 has opened for us,” - David Okun, Co-Owner
“We believe the EFI H652 is the best fit for our business for flatbed printing. The installation was smooth, the support is great and the performance has been fabulous.” - Edward Rothschild, Owner


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