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Fiery® Prep-it™ is a powerful, easy-to-use software solution for the preparation, layout, and automated production of print-for-cut jobs. It can both save you hours of prepress time and dramatically decrease your media usage with its efficient true shape nesting.

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Fiery Prep-it makes it easy and efficient to prepare print-for-cut jobs. It can connect to many different RIP brands and cut controller solutions — providing a central hub for all your print-to-cut needs. From true shape nesting and cut path editing, through to double-sided printing and automation, it can maximize the use of your existing printing and cutting equipment.



  • Print more jobs on less media with highly optimized, free-angle, true shape nesting
  • Save hours of manual prepress time with fast and easy cut path and layout preparation
  • Focus on other tasks by fully automating nest creation
  • Maximize the use of existing printing and cutting equipment with comprehensive connectivity 
  • Avoid expensive errors by using predefined workflows and hot folders

See if Fiery Prep-it is the right solution for you


Cut path and job editing

Production marks and tiling


  • Save more than 10% on media versus competitive true shape nesting solutions 
  • Prepare jobs in a fraction of the time compared to manual nesting methods, plus reduce media consumption by an average of 33%
  • Decrease your media usage by over 50% instead of using wasteful rectangle-based in-RIP nesting, and save on nesting time

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More economic benefits:

  • Fiery Prep-it nests use less media, so they take less time to print, delivering more throughput from your printers
  • Its tighter nests keep cutting times to a minimum, freeing up your cutters and routers to accept the next job
  • Fiery Prep-it can connect to any RIP that accepts PDF files so you can utilise all available printers
  • Its comprehensive output cut formats provide the flexibility to connect to many types of cut controllers
  • Prep-it only uses the necessary amount of substrate by using smaller board sizes for the last "sheet" of a nest 

Prep-it nest
Single- and double-sided nesting