Fiery proServer for Cretaprint

Achieve the most accurate color results, with the lowest ink costs

EFI Fiery proServer for Cretaprint is the first complete color management solution for ceramic tile decoration.


Efi Cretaprint 5.0

Fiery® proServer for Cretaprint® is a dedicated color management solution for digital ceramic tile decoration that produces the most accurate color results, with the lowest ink costs, independent of final production conditions. Fiery proServer offers tile producers many unique benefits, and is a key part of the only complete printer, ink and color management solution for the digital ceramics industry.

  • Accelerate tile design development with accurate on-screen editing and paper prototyping
  • Convert designs for consistent results when using different ink sets or print conditions
  • Produce superior results and save ink with Fiery ColorWise® color separation technology
  • Save even more money with EFI's exclusive Smart Ink Savings functionality 

Precise on-screen editing, plus fast and low-cost paper prototyping using an inkjet proofing device, accurately predicts final tile decoration results, eliminating the need for the lengthy and costly traditional production prototyping process.

Reduce new tile design development from days to just hours with accurate on-screen separation editing and paper proofing.  1. On-screen editing  2. Paper prototyping  3. Tile production 


Ink set, printer, glaze or kiln differences can be compensated for with Fiery proServer's easy but accurate design conversion tools delivering consistent results no matter where production happens. Not being tied to one production condition or location means faster turnaround times and greater production flexibility.

Match original designs with Fiery conversions and save money when combined with
EFI’s Cretacolor inks. 1. Original inks  2. EFI Cretacolor inks  3. EFI Cretacolor inks and
Fiery design conversion


EFI’s innovative ColorWise® separation technology is engineered specifically for digital ceramic tile decoration. Superior results come from purpose-built color management algorithms, producing sharper more detailed output versus conventional ICC color management methods. Combined with EFI Cretacolor Inks, ColorWise separation technology also uses less ink versus traditional ICC color management, resulting in cost savings with no loss of color accuracy, gamut or definition.

Produce the most design-faithful results and save up to 30% on ink costs with 
Fiery ColorWise
separations and Genuine Cretacolor Inks.

In addition to the default ink savings ColorWise technology delivers, the Fiery proServer’s industry first Smart Ink Savings feature can reduce ink costs further by considering the actual cost of each ink, and calculating the most affordable ink combination possible for a design. Real ink prices can be configured, plus the acceptable Delta-E color deviation set per job. Also, a report on the actual ink volume and cost savings is available prior to tile production. Watch the video.

Save up to 10% on ink costs on top of Fiery ColorWise technology reductions with the
Smart Ink Savings feature. 1. Original  2. 7% ink saving, 2 Delta-E difference  
3. 10% ink saving, 4 Delta-E difference