Fiery Textile Bundle

Design with ease, produce great color, print fine quality

The Fiery® Textile Bundle combines the Fiery DesignPro Print Suite for efficient textile design and file preparation, with the Fiery proServer digital front end, professional color management and RIP technology, for high quality textile production.

EFI Fiery proServer

EFI Fiery proServer

Fiery proServer is a turnkey hardware and software solution that prepares files for the best possible output on EFI textile printers. Benefit from a complete package that includes high-end RIP technology, a professional color management toolset, a bundled measurement device, and support & maintenance coverage, allowing you to:

Print rich, vivid, saturated colors
EFI developed textile-specific color and separation algorithms that deliver best-in-class saturation and vivid prints using the full color gamut of the printer. Intelligent Fiery color management delivers the best result, even for difficult-to-produce colors.

Produce clean pastels, smooth gradations and fine details
Superior halftoning technology keeps pastels and light tones clean, generates smooth highlights and transitions, resulting in visually stunning textile print with fine lines and sharp details.

Prepare files with easy-to-use production tools
Execute typical textile production tasks like step and repeat for seamless repeats, and shrinkage correction for designs that fit the finished size, with sophisticated tools that are fast and easy to use.

Process files fast and save time with quick automation
Fiery proServer RIPs jobs faster due to multi-and parallel-processing and EFI’s exclusive FAST RIP (Fiery Accelerated System Technology). Save presets during job setup or create workflows for easy automation to avoid repeating manual tasks and eliminate the chance of mistakes. 

Manage your production with Fiery Client
Access the Fiery proServer from any Fiery Client on the company network to prepare files, start production, or check the job status. Grant permissions for each operator depending on their skill set.

Produce consistent sampling and production results
Fiery proServer provides color consistency between production and sampling. Fiery color profiles are used by textile designers, brand owners, and production facilities for consistent results, less trial and error, and reduced time to market.

EFI Fiery DesignPro Print Suite

EFI Fiery DesignPro Print Suite

This collection of design tools lets designers work in familiar design environments, either Adobe® Illustrator® or Photoshop®, which reduces learning curves and speeds up design time. The suite consists of the following components: 

Fiery DesignPro Color Range
DesignPro Color Range helps designers match colors to the printed result. From within Adobe Illustrator, users can create color ranges around a single color, match colors to a color library with one click, or adjust colors on the fly to accurately match the printer.

Fiery DesignPro Utilities
The DesignPro Utilities keep colors, patterns, and seasonal palette data organized for design teams within a company. When a color or palette changes, designers receive updates automatically, in real time, within Adobe Illustrator.

Fiery DesignPro Repeat
Create repeat patterns inside Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop using straight, drop and shift layouts in conjunction with vector or raster art to proficiently deliver sophisticated and professional design layouts.

Fiery DesignPro Colorist
Recolor artwork in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create multiple colorways from a single design. Display the colorways for the different versions of the artwork, both for presentations or to physically print.