Fiery XF Supported Printers and Cutters

Supported printers and cutters for Fiery Wide Format solutions

EFI™ Fiery® XF and Fiery proServer give you access to more than 2,200 printers for a wide variety of applications like proofing, high quality photo printing and wide to superwide format production printing. 

The Fiery XF Cut Server Option - powered by SAi - supports more than 1,300 cutting devices or routing tables from over 80 manufacturers increasing your productivity by seamlessly connecting your job output and your finishing processes.

Please select the printer manufacturer, then printer model in the pull down menus below to see the corresponding minimum requirements for Fiery XF and Fiery proServer. If your specific device is not listed, please fill out this short form and request support for your device in a future release of Fiery XF or Fiery proServer.

Note 1: The below table shows the printer options required for Fiery XF 7.3 and above. For information on printer options for Fiery XF 7.0-7.2 go here

Note 2: With Fiery XF 7.3, printer option groups are exclusive of other printer option groups. This means that a printer driver will only support printers listed in that specific group.

Note 3: All supported printers (with the exception of those only driven by RGB Contone drivers) are compatible with Fiery Edge™ profiling technology.

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