Fiery XF

Stunning, precise, predictable, high-quality wide-format prints

Fiery® XF Version 6 is the easiest way to introduce sophisticated color management, including media calibration and output optimization of your wide-format device. The result is superior color accuracy and increased overall productivity.


EFI Fiery XF

With Fiery XF options, you can add features to meet changing needs and customer demands. To evaluate the available options, see the feature comparison document.

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Cut Marks Option
Save time and money while decreasing waste. The Cut Marks Option generates and places cut marks into your job and can also extract multiple cut paths from your jobs. The option can directly connect to the Zünd Cut Center which ensures a reliable cut workflow by eliminating errors and automating time consuming tasks. This option also includes iCut level 1 and 2 output for maximum flexibility and connectivity to any third party cutting application.
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Cut Server Option
This automated solution, powered by SAi technology, supports over 1,300 cutting devices and routing tables from more than 80 different manufacturers, saving you precious time by eliminating the need to work with different software for each cutter type. The Cut Server Option increases your productivity by connecting together your printed output and finishing processes. It lets you run up to 4 cut servers, which in total allows you to drive up to 8 cutting engines in parallel to meet those tight turnaround times. Best of all, the option is easy-to-use and configure; anyone can use it, regardless of their experience level.
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Color Profiler Option
Gain color precision, consistency and accuracy with the Color Profiler Option based on the renowned Fiery Color Profiler Suite. The advanced tool set provides quick and easy ICC and device-link profile creation that produces the highest quality results every time, increasing your customer satisfaction. The option enables you to inspect, edit and optimize profiles plus compare profile gamuts giving you ultimate control over your color output.
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Color Verifier Option
The Color Verifier Option brings quality control to your environment enabling employees anywhere to work with the same colors and produce consistent color output every time. This flexible option supports a variety of measuring devices and industry standard control strips, plus EFIs unique Dynamic Wedge technology for job specific color verification. You can check your results against ISO standards, or your own quality standards by defining individual tolerances and values. It can also cut your distribution costs by serving as a reliable remote proofing and printing solution.
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Spot Color Option
The Spot Color Option ensures perfect spot color matching on every print. It allows you to produce consistent colors across all medias preserving brand identities. Built-in spot color systems from Pantone, HKS, Toyo and DIC ensure that Fiery XF's definitions match the original definitions. The most demanding customer requirements will be satisfied with sophisticated tools for defining spot color transparencies, gradation curves and much more.
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OneBit Option
The OneBit Option increases your customer satisfaction by producing reliable, high-quality, dot-for-dot proofs from your actual 1-Bit data. Showing identical dots and color to the final print run. Dot-for-dot proofing reduces pressroom and production errors giving a high return on investment with time and waste savings early in the print process.
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Softproof Option
The Softproof Option adds softproof output to Fiery XF. The innovative combination of the Softproof module and an LED-driven light-booth with integrated display, offers highly precise virtual print previews to Fiery XF. Thanks to the automated control of the integrated display, a long-term colorimetrically precise contract proof level preview is possible in daily production. The telemeasurement from the observer´s perspective and the illumination of the screen area with an ISO3664 compliant light source allows a perceptively perfect match between softproof and print.
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Sign Flow Option
For selected EFI printers, the Sign Flow Option streamlines the production and installation of in-store campaigns in several ways. It delivers the fastest possible print-production by only needing to RIP new print files, existing RTL files can be retrieved from file storage to complete a print run. Plus, Sign Flow can print signs and panels in any sequence which can be predefined for the most time-efficient in-store installation saving both production time and installation costs.
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Printer Options M, XL and XXL
Printer Options M, XL and XXL support many output devices such as inkjet, LED and laser printers. Printer Option M supports A3/A2 printers with a printing width of 18". Printer Option XL caters for printers with a printing width of 19" to 24", while Printer Option XXL is for printers with a printing width over 25". The Fiery XF Production and Proofing packages include a Printer Option M-XXL. You can add other printer and output options at any time.
Print & Cut Option
The Print & Cut Option enables one-step printing and cutting on supported devices with onboard cutters. You can seamlessly integrate cutting into your production workflow, save time and differentiate your business from the competition. Near operator free to leave you and your staff more time to concentrate on value-add tasks while the two production steps are executed simultaneously. The Print & Cut Option supports a continuously increasing number of Print & Cut devices.
Fiery Option
The Fiery Option brings quality control and the same high-end tools to your cut-sheet Fiery Server driven devices. One option gives you 5 individual connections to one or multiple Fiery front ends giving you the best of both worlds, Fiery controller speed plus all of your familiar Fiery XF functionalities on top.
File Export Option
The File Export Option outputs color-managed data for specific print conditions. Bitmap TIFF or EPS files can be used for optimum output quality. File export output can be used to connect to 3rd party printing or workflow systems or used for color managed post-RIP file approval by customers in quick turnaround environments.
Printer Option Wide Format / Super Wide Format
This Printer Option supports a continuously increasing number of wide format to super wide format printers from many manufactures such as HP, Durst and NUR.
Printer Option EFI
This Printer Option supports one EFI VUTEk, EFI Wide Format or EFI Jetrion printers.