Denim Line - Mezzera Pre and Post Treatment Machines

Mezzera Denim

Loop dye

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Width: 1600-2000mm 
Max Speed:
45 m-min
Max Dips:
10 Indigo in 3 Boxes
Indigo Bath Volume:
4000 liters
Nitrogen Reactor equipped

Continuous Indigo Dye Range in Rope form

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Width: 1400-2800mm 
Max Speed: 50 m-min
Oxidation: 60m
Max Dips: 14 Indigo 
Counts: from Ne 6/1 to Ne 30/1
Nitrogen Reactor equipped
Denim Finishing
Denim Finishing treatment

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Width: 1600-2600mm
Max Speed: up to 150 m-min
Anti-selvedge twisting technology
Chemical Recovery and Auto preparation and dosing