EFI Nozomi 12000 MP

EFI Nozomi 12000 MP

3.9 feet

Max. print width

up to 164 linear ft/min



Color configurations

Sharpen your competitive edge with digital

Benefit from highly flexible, digital inkjet printing and the advanced capabilities, efficiencies, and environmentally friendly printing of the EFI™ Nozomi 12000 MP single-pass printer. Designed for the metal packaging industry and built for 24/7 production, it delivers high-quality printing at industrial speeds directly onto metal, aluminum, and tinplate sheets without the need for plates – providing you with a brilliant competitive edge.


Quicker response to market demands

With the digital power of the EFI Nozomi 12000 MP printer, you can improve your time-to-market with rapid prototyping and immediate new product development, faster set-up and turnaround times, just-in-time production, and total customizations.

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Maximum productivity and process efficiencies that lower costs

The Nozomi 12000 MP printer features a robust design for heavy industrial use with high productivity and maximum reliability, and eliminates make-ready, lowering your cost to manufacture.

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High-quality graphics printing

The Nozomi 12000 MP printer is the most efficient way to produce superior printed metal packaging. High-viscosity inks provide excellent color saturation and coverage, grayscale and high-speed jetting printheads increase print accuracy for smooth color gradients, the artificial vision system detects color uniformity changes, defects, and nozzles out, and the unique white ink option increases application possibilities.

Mindful sustainability

The Nozomi 12000 MP printer balances efficient processes, lower resource consumption, and less waste for more sustainable printing with GREENGUARD Gold certified inks with virtually no VOC emissions, no printing plates or ink kitchen needed, no overproduction, and simplified inventories.

Genuine EFI Inks

EFI Nozomi 12000 MP inks are designed with optimal color and performance characteristics and a wide color space that covers 83% of the Pantone® gamut to brilliant and durable images on metal substrates while maintaining flexibility for forming.

Fiery Driven

The Fiery® NZ-1000 digital front end provides outstanding image and color quality with features that make print results truly exceptional.


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Genuine EFI Packaging Inks

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Genuine EFI Service