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  • Find new customers?
  • Handle new growth?
  • Expand into new markets?
  • Differentiate your business?
  • Increase profitability?
  • Improve product and services time to market?

The reasons for seeking out consulting services are as varied as the jobs you produce. EFI offers a level of expertise uncommon in the printing and packaging industry, expertise garnered from working with 1,000s of businesses like yours, many facing similar competitive, market and growth challenges.

EFI can help you create a cohesive action plan for growing your top line and improve your bottom line through the development of more robust revenue streams and/or the implementation of new business strategies to keep a larger portion of every dollar you earn. Explore the scenarios below to see how working with EFI can impact your short and long-term business success:

How do you differentiate your business? What can you do in the way of value-added services to grow the visibility and value proposition you extend to your clients and prospects? How can you maximize the profitability of your core business to ensure success as workloads fluctuate? How can you leverage data to give you a global view of your business, enabling a more proactive decision making process?

These are only a few of the questions EFI can help you to answer to maximize the potential of your EFI software as well as that of other business processes and practices. EFI is ready to assist you in:

  • Improving business and production processes
  • Elevating your operational core competencies
  • Providing guidance on new technologies as business enablers
  • Driving more effective utilization of your IT components
  • Managing your IT programs and/or infrastructure

The EFI consulting team is in an excellent position to take your business to the next level. We’ll step back with you to take a closer look at what’s working and what can be work better.

Your doors are still open so there’s no question you’ve mastered the art of delivering a quality product. The question is, in today’s landscape, how do we continue to flourish as our clients’ marketing and operational budgets are reduced and redistributed? EFI has helped many businesses:

  • Capture the ‘as-is’ operation
  • Reevaluate future operation, realigning with the market pressures
  • Define and benchmark the imperative Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Build and drive key business and production ecosystems
  • Reengineer end-to-end workflows
  • Boost business and operational KPIs on a repeatable basis
  • Improve product and services time-to-market
  • Drive down unit costs and waste

Our goal is to work with you to automate business and production workflows to reduce manual work, operational expenses and waste – building a solid strategy for continued success.

There’s a new business strategy around every corner and a ton of people ready to tell you why you should invest in their services. The problem is they’re asking you to invest in them when they’ve made little or no investment in you! EFI comes to you from a totally different angle. We’ve invested in your industry for over 30 and we’ve developed a working, proven business strategy – the Theory of Global Optimization (TGO) – that focus on the successful end-to-end operation of your business. TGO is the only business theory developed exclusively for our industry and the only strategy that has been implemented in a software solution. Our consulting team can assist your business in adopting and exploiting this strategy to improve end-to-end efficiency, visibility and profitability.

Contact us to discuss your ideas, your pain points and your long-term goals to learn how we’ve helped other businesses address similar challenges and opportunities.

Is your business overdue for a checkup? An outside set of eyes can often yield immediate and substantial ROI. EFI can provide your business with a cost-effective two- or three-day business analysis focused on paint points, short- or long-term goals, and/or new market opportunities. We’ll follow-up our visit with a report and a recommended action plan. Contact us to learn more.

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We know making a decision to transform your business is not easy. At EFI, we’ve helped thousands of customers select the right technology to grow, transform and automate their business practices. We’re always ready to talk about your goals and how our products can help.

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