EFI Business Intelligence

EFI Business Intelligence
Visual Performance Dashboards for Quick, Powerful Business Analysis
Through an easy-to-use interface, decision-makers gain deep visibility into their business operations. They can more easily identify trends as they begin to appear, accurately forecast the effects of changing variables, and implement proactive changes that are impactful and profitable. View Image Gallery


Best-in-class products delivered as a Suite

Learn how the Productivity Suite represents the next step in the evolution of the EFI product portfolio, expanding the integration-quotient of existing offerings with a focus on efficiency, profitability and building new revenue streams.  Learn More

  • Visual performance dashboards & powerful ‘what-if’ scenario generators
  • Easy drill-down capabilities to slice data by time periods, customers, etc.
  • An intuitive, interactive, point-and-click user interface
  • Up-to-date information through integration to EFI’s MIS/ERP systems
  • Web-based design for access from anywhere
  • Data security with permissions set per user
  • Easy installation with hundreds of standard, out-of-the box reports

  • Increase the productivity of meetings with organized, clearly-presented information
  • Promote company-wide alignment of reporting metrics and procedures
  • Accelerate decision-making with Immediate access to the right information
  • Understand the effects of shifting variables before committing to changes
  • Better understand and forecast your customers’ needs, habits, and preferences
  • Increase revenue by analyzing costs down to transactional levels
  • Gain visibility into the company’s day-to-day performance whether on-site or remote

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