EFI MarketDirect PackCentral

Online Procurement, and Customer Management Portal

24/7 Online Customer Management
EFI MarketDirect PackCentral is an online customer ordering portal designed specifically for the requirements of packaging producers. With powerful tools to simplify order procurement for a wide range of products and an intuitive user experience, you can automate and streamline order procurement and eliminate costly errors.



  • Tag & Label Printers
  • Folding Carton Producers
  • Corrugated and Box Producers
  • Flexible Packaging


With MarketDirect PackCentral you can offer your customers the most convenient and intuitive online procurement tools available, enabling them to order virtually any product, static or inventory item.

Quickly create customized web stores and customer portals, incorporating the clients branding guidelines. Build catalogs of SKUs, and add them to a catalog with full pricing control and user access management.
What items can I sell with MarketDirect PackCentral?

SmartBox Designer 3D Products

smartbox SmartBox Designer enables your customers to design, customize and order box products with a rich powerful 3D visualizer, ensuring accuracy and reducing errors during order capture.

Adhoc Products
adhoc Adhoc products enable you to capture orders for client supplied artwork. You can request configuration and specification options inline with capturing artwork, and provide dynamic pricing. 

On Demand Products / Re-order Workflows
on-demand On demand products are produced as they are ordered, with minor configuration and specification changes available to the customer.

Downloadable Products
downloadable Downloadable digital products can be electronic files of any kind. You can make them available in your online portal or catalog. They may include die files, or templates or branding elements.

Inventory Products
inventory Inventory products are products kept in stock, with controlled quantities. Customers can order them from your warehouse facility and you can manage inventory levels online.

Kitted Products
kitted Kitted products are the combination of several products that can be ordered together. Kitted products may contain products of different types, and can be individually configured prior to ordering.

SmartCanvas Design Online Products
smartcanvas With SmartCanvas your customers can design and build their own artwork. Beginning with a base template, you can control which elements of the artwork are editable and which are not. Ideal for customizable Tag or Label applications.

Choose a hosting option which suits your business needs. EFI’s Hosted applications provide 24/7 piece of mind and ensure you don’t need to support and monitor your services. We keep your system up and running in our secured data hosting center – and will apply all security patches and updates. You administrate and manage your online store and customers.

If you need the control and flexibility of a Self-Hosted deployment, EFI’s professional services team can assist in implementation and optimization in your server environment. Ensuring your IT services team have the tools required to maintain services and perform update tasks as required.
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