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EFI IQuote Intelligent Estimator
Smart Estimating, Quoting and Production Planning

EFI iQuote is a highly visual, web-based, JDF-compliant smart estimating system which supports all available and emerging technologies in the graphic arts industry. View Image Gallery


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EFI iQuote Overview

iQuote Overview    

EFI iQuote is smart software that automates the process of picking the best path for a job through your plant. It processes literally thousands of pieces of information for each job, including a careful look at virtually every piece of equipment and capability you have.

iQuote captures your best practices, giving each estimator the ability to perform at the highest level, regardless of experience. The software protects the equity you have in your most experienced people, while enforcing the business rules you’ve developed, making your estimates accurate, consistent, and profitable.

iQuote engineers the job, while allowing you to actually see exactly what is required to produce the job and see every step in an easy-to-read workflow diagram. This visualization helps everyone understand the job better.

The results: you get the best engineering plan with the lowest cost and the highest return.

  • An intuitive, easy-to-learn, browser-based interface
  • Flexibility during implementation to match your equipment and processes
  • Fast, accurate, and consistent estimates regardless of the user's experience level
  • Smart, automated production planning using the most cost-efficient job path
  • A highly visual workflow review with detailed step-by-step details
  • Functionality for all printing processes products
  • Structure to enforce standards with flexibility to handle reality
  • Consolidated estimating knowledge in a centralized, shared database
  • Instant edit-impact analysis with a full audit trail

  • Allows you to win more business as it improves the speed and accuracy of your responses to requests for quotes
  • Allows you to process more estimates in less time to increase your throughput potential
  • Improves your overall job planning, estimating, and quoting processes and workflows
  • Increases the profitability of each estimate by automating the selection of the most cost-effective production path
  • Captures your best practices and centralizes your estimating processes into a smart estimating system
  • Detailed visualization of the entire job plan helps estimators, planners, sales, and production employees understand each job better

EFI IQuote Intertech 2014 Award

EFI iQuote helps you grow your business by providing a fully integrated system of sales management that will enable you to increase sales and provides the integration to MIS/ERP solutions to increase productivity and reduce labor costs through automation. The following tools add additional integrated value to iQuote:

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