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EFI PrintStream Fulfillment
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EFI PrintStream Fulfillment is an intelligent marketing collateral planning and distribution management software system. View Image Gallery


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EFI PrintStream Fulfillment is an intelligent marketing collateral planning and distribution management system. The solution is both powerful and flexible with customization tools and web based applications that allow your customers and your fulfillment team to work together seamlessly and efficiently. Whether you need just basic pick & pack fulfillment features or more complex Print-On-Demand workflows – PrintStream provides a suite of modules to meet your needs.

  • Improve visibility and control of your fulfillment facility
  • Provides efficient order processing and tracking
  • Provides a high level of expertise for all types of fulfillment
  • Gives your team the ability to address complexities in your fulfillment operation to maintain a high level of performance and return
  • Highly configurable allowing you to refine the software to match your unique fulfillment needs

Many fulfillment operations begin with a single client looking for a one-stop print, inventory and fulfillment service. Not surprisingly, many of these fulfillment opportunities grow exponentially as client organizations realize the value of working with a single source for enterprise-wide fulfillment services – for everything from printing to coffee cups to golf balls and windbreakers. PrintStream is designed to address the full spectrum of fulfillment services, including:

  • Traditional Literature Fulfillment (Pick & Pack)
  • Product Fulfillment (Merchandise)
  • Campaign Distribution – Virtual or Inventory Items to Multiple Stores, Franchises or Offices
  • Mixture of Customer Owned, Finished Goods, Kits, Print-On-Demand & Production-On-Demand
  • Order Approvals
  • Order Limits and Ordering Budgets
  • Returns Management
  • Mass Importing & Releasing
  • Order Routing Based on Country or State
  • Revisions
  • Price Lists
  • Pick Rules
  • Ship From Warehouse
  • Distribution MRP
  • Kit Definitions

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