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EFI Metrix Planning and Imposition
Rules Based productivity
Automated Planning and Imposition

EFI Metrix® brings a unique blend of automation and cost driven layout creation to your business, allowing you to dramatically reduce planning and prepress labor cost and shorten job throughput. View Image Gallery


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Learn how the Productivity Suite represents the next step in the evolution of the EFI product portfolio, expanding the integration-quotient of existing offerings with a focus on efficiency, profitability and building new revenue streams.  Learn More

Rules based productivity
Case Studies
Learn how EFI Metrix has increased productivity at Premier Press
Metrix Cuts Estimating, Planning and Prepress Time by “Over Half” at Multi-Craft.
Phoenix Litho Boosts Productivity and Profits with Metrix.
Metrix Aligns with Rex Three’s Commitment to Excellence.
Metrix Helps Red Line Graphics Grow with Confidence and Control.
Metrix Speeds Turnaround and Eliminates Bottlenecks at Southwest Precision Printers.
Metrix Streamlines and Standardizes Workfl ow at Worth Higgins & Associates.
Metrix Helps Suttle-Straus Do More with Less.
Benson Integrated Marketing Solutions Case Study
EFI Metrix Produces a Competitive Edge for Lawton Printing Services
EFI Metrix Helps Blanchette Press Merge Art and Science for Efficient, Profitable Printing
Customer Case Study and Profile.
Release Notes
EFI Metrix 2019.2 Release Notes
EFI Metrix 2018.1 Release Notes
EFI Metrix 2021.1.0.555 Release Notes
EFI Metrix 2019.2.0.944 Release Notes
EFI Metrix 2019.2.1.031 Release Notes
EFI Metrix 2019.2.0.973 Release Notes
Release Notes for Metrix 2019.2.0.988 Installer
What's New
Provides an overview of the new features for the 2018.1 Release
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