EFI Monarch Planner

EFI Monarch Planner
Powerful Workflow Planning and Management Software for Print Enterprises

From complex planning and impositions, to real-time data management and reporting, to distribution plans and shipping reconciliation, Monarch Planner is unique in its ability to provide intelligent process control, flexibility, and value.
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  • Just in Time plating – automation allows for rapid production of plates supporting cost-saving and workflow optimization with Just-in-Time plating
  • Automated imposing – one imposition drives planning, paper and CTP requirements
  • Automation without intervention - changing a 32-page layout to two 16-page layouts in the plan, automatically updates the CTP impositions with no human intervention
  • Handles complex version planning including production instructions, contract and cost tracking including detailed instructions for page-level version assignments
  • Advanced layout support including automated page adjustments for offsets and creep
  • Integration to prepress workflow systems such as PRINERGY
  • Automated content linking with in-position spread review
  • Tracking of press changes with imposition rebuilds
  • Manufacturing intelligence including on-demand template creation replaces need for template libraries
  • Delivery of detailed layouts including trim and fold marks, color bars, punch and side guides
  • Delivery of comprehensive manufacturing instructions for all production processes
  • Reconciled distribution planning
  • Delivers true interdependent process planning for prepress, plating, press, post press, binding, post binding and distribution
  • Advanced direct and JDF-certified integrations
  • Leverages complex algorithms to automate and improve planning accuracy
  • Monarch Planner’s ability to automate and streamline the planning process can save your business 30 to 50% of your planning time, improving capacity utilization while reducing or eliminating errors, waste and delays
  • Can eliminate up to 100% of your manual prepress operations through automation and integration
  • Offers a true Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) parts-based drag-and-drop environment
  • Simplifies complex version management down to the page and color level
  • Works closely with Monarch Foundation, PrintFlow® Dynamic Scheduling and Auto-Count® Direct Machine Interface to Globally Optimize your business and production workflow
  • Offers in-depth integration to additional EFI enterprise tools including: PrintStream fulfillment and warehouse management; IQuote smart quoting and SmartLinc Process Shipper.

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