EFI Metrics Printware

EFI Metrics Printware
Process Management Solutions

for the Printing & Packaging Industries


Designed specifically for the printing and packaging industry, Metrics Printware is prepared to attend the specific needs and particularities of this type of business. More Automation, Integration, Control and Information to support fast and accurate decisions.

NOTE: EFI Metrics Printware is only available in Latin America.  Please Contact Sales for further details.

Metrics Printware is a management system that addresses the three main functions of a business: Sell, Produce and Manage. For each of these areas there are specialized modules that aim to automate and integrate the tasks carried out in the departments and people involved.

The system is completely modular, allowing prioritize the deployment of a given module and integrate new solutions or features at any time. Metrics Printware accompanies the growth of your business.

  • Manages customer information
  • Sets and monitors targets
  • Specify products
  • Prepares budgets
  • Estimates costs and sets prices
  • Formulates and manages commercial proposals
  • Collect applications and measure results

  • Billing, collection, purchases and payments
  • Management of cash flow
  • Controls commission payments
  • Performs integration with banks
  • Integrates with external systems for accounting and tax compliance

  • Prepares technical specifications
  • Creates service orders
  • Provides materials and resources
  • Plans and controls production
  • Defines and implements process improvements
  • Calculate cost
  • Evaluates results

  • Offers insight into the real costs of production
  • Analysis of results per area, customer or product
  • Extracts indicators to measure results
  • Analyzes variations between predicted and realized
  • Generate graphs and reports to assist managers in making decisions

  • Metrics IQuote
  • Metrics OrcClassic
  • Metrics PEV - Sales Order
  • Metrics CRM 

  • Metrics ENG -  Product Engineering
  • Metrics ORP – Production order
  • Metrics Planner M3 - Planning

  • Metrics FAT - Billing
  • Metrics FIN - Financial
  • Metrics CMM - Commissions
  • Metrics ICC / ICF - Accounting Fiscal Integration

  • Metrics EST - Inventory Control
  • Metrics CMP - Purchase
  • Metrics CPA - Finished Products
  • Metrics Recopi

  • Metrics JobTrack
  • Metrics TRC - Third Party Control
  • Metrics JDF Connector
  • Metrics OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness

  • Metrics POS - Post Calculation
  • Metrics CRL - Real Cost
  • Metrics GER - Managerial Analysis
  • Metrics REP - Reports

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