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EFI Pace
Leading Browser-based Print MIS

EFI Pace™ provides you with the best opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and maximize your profit potential. It is globally optimized encompassing your entire organization’s acquisition, business and production workflow, giving you full control of your information and high visibility into both general commercial print and superwide format operations. View Image Gallery


Best-in-class products delivered as a Suite

Learn how the Productivity Suite represents the next step in the evolution of the EFI product portfolio, expanding the integration-quotient of existing offerings with a focus on efficiency, profitability and building new revenue streams.  Learn More

EFI™ Pace™ is a proven best-in-class browser-based Management Information System (MIS) exclusively designed for the printing industry.
Brochure for the Midmarket Print Suite superwide format market
Datasheet describing the Pace Appliance offerings EFI has and the requirements
Case Studies
Case Study on Heeter and how they have used the EFI Midmarket Print Suite to grow their business
Tucker Castleberry case study
EFI Pace and Process Shipper Revolutionize Workfl ow at Yunker Industries
EFI PrintStream/Pace Workflow Boosts World-class Digital Print Fulfillment Operations at Gilson Graphics
Case study on Micropress and Midmarket Print Suite
Color OnDemand Printing Center expands its offerings and brings more work in-house with EFI equipment.
PRINT NW leverages integrated EFI™ workflow for streamlined business and production management.
Bender teams with EFI to master customer service and efficiency
Ruksaldruck wins with EFI Pace
Case study on the EFI Implementation Methodology applied at Garlich Printing with Pace
Case study at Garlich Printing around the EFI Implementation Methodology and how it benefits the customer
Case study on commercial printer Micropress and their use of the Midmarket Print Suite
Customer Case Study and Profile.
Benson Integrated Marketing Solutions Case Study
EFI Pace heightens effi ciency and abbreviates response time at Drummond Press
Tucker Castleberry case study
Maverick Concepts leverages EFI ecosystem for diversified product portfolio.
White paper on end-to-end integration in wide format printing
Installation/Setup Guides
Introducing the productivity suite
Installation/Setup Guides
Introducing the productivity suite
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