Browser-based Corrugated Plant Scheduling and Production Control Software

PC-Topp scheduling software for corrugators and conversion machines uses the modern Pull Planning approach to guarantee the smoothest possible flow of production on the corrugator. View Image Gallery

  • Automated, optimized scheduling for corrugators and conversion machines with optional manual overrides
  • A perfectly sequenced schedule based on job characteristics and all conversion requirements
  • A browser-based application running on a server and accessed on the Internet
  • An easy implementation and intuitive, familiar Internet Explorer interface
  • Real-time shop floor data collection of setup, run, production speeds, end, breaks, and downtime causes
  • Customized, detailed production reports and performance statistics with database access via any application supporting SQL
  • Access to drawings, printing and cutting dies, and spec sheets from any computer in the office, plant, or anywhere online
  • Event messaging via email or text messages, as well as configuration options to trigger signals (sirens, LED lights, etc.) on the shop floor
  • Fully customized pallet labels for internal or external use, even customer-specific labels
  • Warehouse functionality that provides accurate information on stock content including exact quantities, tonnage, monetary value, and each pallet's storage location
  • Integration to commercial systems like SAP, RTS, Volume Software, or a customer’s own solution shares information including order data transfer, paper stock, material availability, schedule data, order status, and production details
  • Over 40 years of development history with over 300 plant implementations
  • Multi-language

  • Increases the profitability of your operations by using Pull Planning to focus on corrugator optimization
  • Reduces WIP (work in process) and trim by planning the most efficient flow of production on the corrugator
  • Allows you to anticipate bottlenecks before they appear
  • Increases your flexibility and allows you to act quickly to accommodate customer changes and production issues
  • Provides company-wide visibility with easy access to accurate information, both on the shop floor and in the office
  • Live schedule updates and event messaging capabilities increase effective, accurate and accelerated communication throughout the company
  • Increases customer satisfaction by keeping sales agents informed and able to set realistic delivery dates from anywhere
  • Allows management to analyze customized production reports and statistics to make proactive changes to increase efficiencies

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