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EFI Radius
Industry-leading Enterprise Packaging & Label Printing MIS/ERP Software

Packaging industry leaders producing product labels, folding cartons, flexible packaging, plastic extrusion and other printed materials rely on the EFI Radius Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to facilitate the collection and integration of company-wide information for more profitable business management.


Best-in-class products delivered as a Suite

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Integrate your business and production processes with EFI Packaging Suite certified workflows.
EFI Radius enterprise resource planning (ERP) for flexible packaging, folding carton and label converters
Case Studies
Customer case study on a new Polish customer who went live on Radius in Q1 2020
A pharmaceutical printing and folding carton converter fuels its future with automated, single-touch data processes made possible with the EFI Packaging Suite.
A&R Carton leads the way in meeting Europe’s folding carton needs with its advanced, integrated, multi-plant workflow powered by EFI's Packaging Suite.
A flexible packaging converter gains complete control over its flexible packaging operations with the EFI Packaging Suite.
Data Sheet for Business Intelligence
EFI Packaging Suite Features Overview
Datasheet to explain core value of the suite advancements to encourage users to upgrade to the latest software versions.
A 4 step guide to successfully managing software upgrade with the EFI Packaging Suite and Radius
EFI Packaging Suite eBook : Business & Production Workflows
ebook for the Packaging segment on shop floor data intelligence
Material traceability for food and pharmaceutical packaging
Infographic describing the typical benefits a Radius customer sees after implementing the Radius solution
Installation/Setup Guides
Download this ebook to learn more about the Theory of Global Optimization and the positive impact it can have on companies in the packaging industry.
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